DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)

Lovely View

I saw a woman..
My eyes frozen..
I became paralyzed..
Maybe she was disguised..
But no she was not..
I fully forgot..
Completely emptied up..
She was in my mind..
I felt so blind.

But no, I had my view..
Her beautyness it grew..
All of her body..
She was only a beauty.

Her arms..
'Caused me no harms..
She exposed them with no sleeves..
For people to conceive.

Her legs..
People of her begs..
To show more then just the feet..
Her legs moved on the dancefloor..
Which they wanted on repeat.

Her face..
Was a pure lone race..
It has the beautiful shine..
And the most perfect sign..
To show shes real..
And to make the people feel.

Her eyes..
Looked so wise..
And beautiful on the same time..
Yes, she was the most expensive prize.

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