AC (06-04-1974 / Olsztyn, Poland)


What to expect from this love
That came to me some time ago
And filled my days with joy and light
What to desire if you are so far
What to believe if you say that you love me
And then you are not here
What to share with you
If you don't even touch my soul
Because there is no time for this
In your life still
You are as a split
In a long distance
I use to live
Just by my self

When I think of you
My eyes smile
When I dream of you
My soul is full of joy
But after some time
When you are gone
For few days
For so long
I feel so sad
That I can't stand my self
But then I’m finding again
Some things to live by
And then you are
To make me sure
That you are still
With me
And I'm so happy
I'm so yours
To another silent days
That comes
But I can't leave this
You are the part of me
And all I can do
Is just agree with the reality
That you can be with me
Just for a while
You - lover of mine

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Anna: So much love, though heartfelt and beautiful, at times is overwhelming Have you consider using a fix form, such as a sonnet or lyric, to give a more controlled venue to that emotion. Just a thought. Best, Martin