Change Of Law

Change of law

Once again law has changed
-a single article:
- "Do not use that machine
-anywhere, for public."

Enforcers remain same
-as before, dumb, blind
-on alert, hunting dogs
-trained to bark and bite…

Enforcers have been, are
-brainless, brainwashed,
-the metal-made robots
-with great eyes and arms.

Criminals by their hearts
-are those who legislate
-to impose, write the law
-to enforce their nonsense
-write worthless articles,
-to build wall and get guns.


Are all the governments
-regardless of the time and place
-has always been so and, forever.

I find them in the books
-in novels, history to poems
- "Each, every government
-though may bear varied name
-is exact copy and duplicate
-Emirate to Sheikhdom
-to kingdom, Empire…


The worst part of rulers
-are always enforcers
-they kill the messengers…

They kill the Avangarde
-they kill the bright-mind
-they kill the rebels and
-remain with criminals…

Enforcers are blind
-their brains are moulded
-from senseless metal…

They are all still-born
-being so is natural…
-right from the start! ! !

They never read content
-even if ever read
-do not ask a question:
- "Why so? ", "What? "

Enforcers bark, attack
-finally, bite, grab
-the one who may do bad
-their reason: "has faulted;
-and law is broken! "

Article banned machine
- (the same that enforcers
-kept barking: "Must be used.")

Same agents of crimes
-bark at and grab, bite
-the one that misses them.
-with reply too simple
-as has been recorded
-engraved in their minds:
- "This is law! "

Criminals in their hearts
-are those who legislate.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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Reham, i like your piece very much...So better have your paper and pen always beside you coz i am waiting for more to come... Cate
A fine first effort. Keep posting and best wishes, Rani.