Lover Lost

Silently she stands upon the shore,
her heart broken at the very core.

Watching the storm rage over the sea,
but in her dreams she longs to be.

Longing for her lover lost,
her weeping heart now pays the cost.

Now that sorrow her soul did touch,
his precious memories her mind does clutch.

Even his scent lingers in her mind,
and she wonders why life has been so unkind.

by Alesia Leach

Comments (5)

When someone is still loved and thought of, they never really die... Well formulated and executed. Touching.
I like this poem a lot. The longing for lost love. The way that our memories and desire for someone is so much more pure and intensified when looking into the past. That love that you had seems so much better, the crystal ball does that. Good read!
Piece of great elegance insightfully penned in poetic diction with conviction. Love is a spiritual experience that affects one profoundly, it's also whimsical and temperamental, coming unannounced and may leave without warning. A beautiful poem with lovely rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing and remain blessed Alesia.
The pensive musing of one who has lost her love! Quite touching! !
I understand this completely having lost mine too I think. I'm shattered and thinking of ending it all. I truly know how you feel.: '(