Clime Changes, Faith Remains

C-lime changes, faith remains
O-ctober seventh early light;
R-ain in torrents causes flood
E-ven during the day or

E-ach change of the situation
N-ever causes constant scene;
R-ugged weather will bring
I-nconsistent blow of the wind.
Q-ueer the plans of the vile clime,
U-sing your stronger faith;
E-ven the storms shall calm,
Z-enith shall be worth the wait.

J-ust stay firm in your faith
A-lthough the clime changes;
V-iolent waves rock the boat,
I-nclement condition bothers the ages.
E-ach and every season, wether it shines or it rains;
R-eady to brave the horizon, clime changes, faith remains.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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