Lover's Crime

He told her that it was over.
That it was time to move on.

For it just wasn't the same any more
His feelings for her had gone.

She questions herself on what she did wrong.
And y now after so long.

It's not her fault and neither his.
That's just how it is.

Relationships start as a small seed.
Growing and growing at high speeds.

Before u know it a beautiful flower it makes.
Living the strongest for heaven's sake.

As it stays for some time.
Sooner or later it will decline.

As days go on it slowly dies.
Until no longer will it rise.

Although this flower will never see day again.
It doesn't mean that its the end.

For someday a flower will bloom.
then another relationship will resume.

So for the people who have been hurt.
Hang in there and just flirt.

Have fun with no regrets
Sometimes its ok to be upset.

But don't hold on forevers time
To this victim taking lovers crime.
For if u do then happiness u will never find.

So stay strong,
live long
no matter what goes wrong.

Life will get better, I promise you.
Just make sure your heart stays true.

I hope I've helped the ones in need.
For today I have done my good deed.

by Kayla Milton

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