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Lover's End
VM (06/25/1982 / )

Lover's End

You leave slowly
Like the breath of a dying woman
Shuddering slightly as it passes between pearly white teeth

My mind trails the world like a forgotten ghost inching through an alien landscape
Skillfully dividing everything into film strips
Black and white
Before and after
Day and Night
Together and alone

On this, the most humid of summer nights
A melancholy rain threatens
Choking the air with a dull mist
Slender fruit trees wrinkle the India ink darkness
Groaning under the weight of their full breasted fruits
While in the distance the mournful cry of a castrated engine fills the night with its infinite sadness

A feeble moon rises
Momentarily rests its translucent head on your empty pillow
Impervious to my pain
A solemness pervades the room-

Your deceiving eyes have killed me

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