Lover's Lane

Here I am just all alone without your love dear.
Will I ever know a love that can remain?
As I struggle through my life without contentment,
Can I ever find it here on Lover's Lane?

I can't sing a loving song with cheerful feeling.
I've not broken any link of our love chain.
I'll forever be required to keep the memory
Of the times we spent right here on Lover's Lane.

Though I know that you're still near, it's not forever.
And this place so seldom sees love's bitter pain.
I still cling to fading hope that you'll remember,
How you felt when we once loved on Lover's Lane.

I can't see, for I'm still blind in love with you dear,
How I'll manage if your love I can't regain.
I shall take whatever comes as I'm not sorry
For the moments we spent here on Lover's Lane.

I just hope you take the time you need my darling.
And I hope that you don't dwell on sad refrain.
Just remember all the joy we had together,
When we held each other close on Lover's Lane.

If it is the last good-bye for our love darling.
And the words you try to use don't make it plain.
Please remember these three words, 'It's lost forever.'
Like the loves so often found on Lover's Lane.


Comments (17)

simply brilliant. I have read this many times at another forum and you words are cleverly chosen and just amazing.
A bitter sweet it...the course of true love...
A true Gem of writing. I think you have put to words, what we mere writers of prose have tried for so long, to do. You are the master of poetry, my friend
A mesmerizing, stunning piece. As always, your words flow so nicely and your rhythm, rhyme patterns are superb. I really enjoyed the repitiion of 'Lovers Lane.'
Thank you for reminding me of the times I felt the same. I believe love is never lost. It leaves us stronger and better, and able to look for a more fulfilling love on the 'lover's lane'. Few suggestions: could use more intense despair, and stronger sweeter memories via language.
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