Lover's Leap

Poem By Herman Sequira

The cliffs to her were beckoning;
In fear did she approach the edge.
On that sad day of reckoning
She stood, unsteady, on that ledge.

Her gaze, on craggy rocks were cast
As angry waves against them crashed,
While in the sky the dark clouds massed
And blustery winds against her lashed.

No ray of light was imminent,
No clouds were hiding silvery gleams.
All hope so long ago was spent,
All wasted on life's foolish dreams.

By her own hands her loved one died,
For promises he made, unkept.
And then discarded, tossed aside,
She stabbed her lover while he slept.

Perhaps it's true, I cannot say,
That all the tears that day she wept,
Are still there in the ocean's spray
Below the cliff from which she leapt.

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