Lover's Rose, They Chose!

My heart emblazioned with thoughts so fond,
Memories of our summer lover's hand in hand
walk, among ducks swimming in our 'Lover's
Pond'! At times kites would flail in the sky
above, While lovers strolled, flaunting their
love! Summer's breeze rattle the kites,
Sea shore seagulls represents city's
nature's delights! Summer's winds tickle
some wavyesque curls, Of many beautiful
girls! Park benches are surrounded and
invaded by many begging squirrels, New York
has many varied, inhabited Burroughs! Big
city pollution may sting one's eyes or
nose, This irritating odor cannot
compare to the smell of a pair of lover's
chosen, own rose! 11-18-2005'.

Michael Jeffrey Gale

Copyright ©2005 Michael Jeffrey Gale

by Michael Gale

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