Lover's Segment Of Time

You crowned me with bliss--young spouse so bright;
clothe in "Grace" white--eyes sparkled form alter light,
Chose our chamber; for fleshy affection and bliss
A seal of approval--avow--acknowledged with a kiss.
I've never seen spring so dazzling in crimson bloom
Colored array of flowers--everywhere--smell like perfume
A moment made, moistened lips parted, love we did find;
String of shimmering sequins clasping around, in my mind.
Suddenly! There was no time to kiss when we had to part,
Watching the myriad of stars alone! With a frozen--cold heart;
Do we cancel our vows? as you took your last breath
Our sacrament of love I give you--kneeling at your death.
I remember spring, new songs, in the days of our love and youth,
Now I feel shipwrecked, night of torment--but must face the truth
Our divine, lyrical love, is now aggravating my sorrow,
Relieve me of this anguish and my loneliness tomorrow.
In watching the moon-immortal moon, I'll discover,
That in all my innocence I'll close my eyes and recover
Sleeping I'll embrace the clouds, dream of a place;
Where passing strangers could see, love's desire in your face.
Of this love we were stripped, helpless unable to win,
Overruled by fate, with a new course of life I'll begin
Glistening lips will part, song birds will sing, grass will have dew;
Tomorrow my bridal wreath will bloom, I'll lay it beside you.

by Mary Ann Wagner Steirer

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