Poem By Amberlee Carter

slap the beat across his back,
nails strum the strings hard-
tongue contorts, the violation of song-
storm that rises in and out of his chest:
morning sleeps here

I breathe
and beat
between the soft
hues of skin-
pulsate and throb
like the thumb of your heart-
where rainbows begin themselves
in the vapors of your sweat,
then die a full life
spent in shadow

I live
in-between notes and chords,
the song within your lungs,
I long
to follow the inhalation deep
within the folds of your being-
to be
and become
the butterfly that is sprung
from the depths of destruction-

you are the evening song,
yet you recreate the world
within the vibration of my womb-
gravitationless and starless,
you spit light-years into existence
that sprout millenniums and
spark human eclipse-

a tear against God's iris,
you are tragically delicious
in a thousand shades of night
that is the whitest tone of darkness-
love me still,
love me still,
love me into stillness-

for I am the darkness and you,

you are the universe

Comments about Lover

I always make my woman wear boxing gloves so they dont scratch me Close encounters of a third kind, but i like it takes me back to the good old days Warm regard AJS
Well, I AM speechless. Should have read lover one first, before lover II. Amberlee, I wonder, do you actually have an inkling how good you really are? I am just an amateur critic, trying to learn from Rich and others, but I recognise perfection when I see it. Can we have some more, please? OO H

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