I shall be your protector; that is what he told,
And the heart that I have will beat with yours
And my love will never grow cold.

We shall be such lovers, our breaths will breathe as one,
I’ll sing at the birth of our green-eyed daughter
And weep for our blue-eyed son.

I shall be your guardian; that was all his tale,
And passion’s heat will make me bright
And doubts will make you pale.

We shall but double the echo that spoke when we begun,
Your father’s hope for his green-eyed daughter,
My mother’s for her blue-eyed son.

I shall be your destroyer; that is what he knew,
And you will make my stars go out,
And I’ll do worse to you.

For we’re in the mist of the moment, but soon it all will clear
And we’ll know just how fast we can travel,
It’s half the speed of fear.

It has been so long preparing and fear’s been gathering too,
And we dare not meet each other’s eyes
And can’t think what to do.

Still I shall be your solace, and the dark surge of my veins
Will match your heart with a double pulse
And drive away the pains.

We’ll think of the past, not the future; recalling that or this
And once again, like so many times,
Soothe it away with a kiss.

by Albert Oxford

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