Just In A Little Time

Beyond our mind
Secret of time whispering us
A beginning that we never know
Just in a little time
It came to me
To then tie with your heart
Created and taken my all
In a little time

Riding on a second to minutes
Just In a little time
It came and gone
Enough for lost moments
That we lived in short
Cruel to be erased
Just in a little time
Short lived time
I have for you

But then
Till this time taken
Taken away from us
Surrendering this life
Our remaining destined age
With the dust of blissful seconds
To glitter our smiles
In our short moments
Even it just a little time
This little time

Endured by me someday
When this little times claim
From each ticking clock we have spent
Spending much in inventing our bond in last seconds
Though soon it will be distanced to be in years
Short lived moments that never return
It will keep recall on the same scar
Bruised me by all these memories
It does hurt, it does
I know
But i wont undo
For a short bliss with you
Our little time
And I will endure
I will endure

Just in Short time
I just want to be with you
I do

Beyond our mind
Secret of time whispering us
A beginning of to somewhere new
But when the ending come, i will endure

by Unwritten Soul

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