Lovers Are Poets And Poets Are Lovers

The love of a poet always bursting forth
frosting the earth for all it's worth

A poet full of hate,

by Chuy Amante Click to read full poem

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Gosh, this is beautiful. We need a world of love and not hatred. Peace and love: -)
Fine and lofty verse written with clarity of thought and mind in rhythmic splendour. Well conceived and elegantly brought forth with artistic brilliance. Thanks for sharing.
....beautiful ink ★ I love this
The critics want to massage the poem with heart and love. But the poetess, Diana's looks dazzle their eyes. And so they tear the poem off into shreds and of course, the poetess herself.
Absolutely delightful! Thanks for your lovely comments too. Peace and love!
The title and the concept and the contents and the facts and the coverage in it the poem is very apt and simply superb!
Use your love to help all mankind. Nice work.
...very nicely said, I totally agree ★
poetry is love love is poetry she gives life to all and truly fills me nice writing
A wonderful view on the love that poetry is and expression of your heart. Wonderful piece. :)
Use your heart and use your love to message. Beautiful poem on poets and poems. Excellent work really.
Poetry is love and love is poetry I love the poetess, she is herself poetry she gives life to all and truly fills me A beautiful poem.