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Lovers Discover
WTW (07 January 1998 / St. Mary's clinic, Chitungwiza Harare Zimbabwe)

Lovers Discover

Poem By Wilson Tinotenda Waison

Such is love when deep in a flash, without
A clue tomorrow spells or ever the thought
Seem to craft, Alas turns wrathfulwithout
Notices. Emotions vapourise alike draught.

To realise not only does the puddle shelter
Fish rather the untold dangerous creature
Is love that rents beasts as prince's shelter
Beauties as serpents that stings alike adder.

Turns absurdly a fatality induced passions
So bitter that votes love a damned paranoia
At last with which blames burst assertions
Allegations that heralds lovers felt amnesia.

Lover to discover that lie in speech spoken
Which elect the oath so deceitful, and last
Recedes with not a clue, lover heart broken
A dilemma spelt maliciously, just pain cast.

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