Lovers On The Coast

Lovers On The Coast
By Curtis Lee Johnson

My beloved and I escaped to the north shore of the California coast.
With smiles, we drove through the gates and said hello to the host.

We slept close by the sea and reclined in it's embrace.
Overwhelmed by enchanting breezes, we hid away in our secret place.

Two lovers viewed the ocean's expanse and heard the mighty roar.
O how sweet it is to behold the vast waves come ashore!
How marvelous to watch the tides splashing the rocks!

We heard flowing peaceful sounds as the ocean spoke!
The darkness came; nature's music continued to play;
The moon appeared; stars sneaked from their hiding.

Engulfed by the sounds as we inhaled the chilly breezes,
My sweet darling and I sat by the fire.

by Curtisj Johnson

Comments (3)

Love is a beautiful thing, you know. Good one there
Your words make the one lives in the ambiance of the meaning, so we can feel each word of the poem, Thank you for sharing this poem with us.
Your poem is lovely Sir, you richly painted the image of the coast. my favourite is the second to the last stanza, ...the moon appeared; stars sneaked from its hiding.. Wow! I feel you may need to remove the repetition of title and name at the beginning. Thanks for sharing and please read my poem 'Calculus Of A Life Time'