Lovers Paradise Duet

The lady of the sea is my fair lady
Whose skin is made of honey
With piercing blue eyes that devour me
She’s my lady of the Iris Spring

Our Souls inner touch each other
Just as we kiss in the Moon Light
With lips that are blossom red
Your inner voice calls out to me and says

I used to think that our love was a fairy tale
Until the day we had proof
That you and I were just right
As I figure you in my dreams and Mid-flight

You called upon me your Prince Charming
And told me more than just words
Suddenly we caressed each other in love
With the Sea Gulls and Mountaintops above

We pray for peace and joy
As we walk hand and hand near the shore
With Lovers Paradise at our front door
We heard the ocean thunder and roar

It must be a season of sparkle
As our emotions run high near Long Beach
I say to you that you’re everything to me
As the doors open I know what I’d seen

The Heaven and Mountaintops began to speak
That You and I were meant to be
Tears of joy filled our eyes
Until we meet again, I say good-bye!

To share our life as one
Rings of joy were in our mind
Mistletoes, pearls, and diamonds of hope
That we walk with grace as we elope

News of joy was our messenger
With the tall steeple, near our side
We take our wedding vowels
And announce that we are allowed!

by Ray Allan James

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