TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Loves Floral Garden)))

We may be running circles 'round in time-
And spending moments with one another 'neath the moon-
But it defines the magic that we create while together...
In Springtimes Garden of Ethereal Blooms;

Oh, the gentle majesty of fragrant aroma's...
That peak in the warming sprintime eves-
And the tender love we give unto one another unconditionally-
And all the warmth that we two receive;

It all makes for a tender nurturing relationship...
Borne 'neath New Beginnings Springtime show...
'Neath the awesome splendour of the ebons twinkling gems-
In a Floral Garden-Our love to grow;

We are watered with the Sprintimes gentle rains-
And fertilized with promises of true love to always be...
'Neath the sun and moon we grow forever in love-
Wrapped in the Floral Gardens of Eternity;

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Comments (2)

Thank you Diane for your kind words. Wrote this many months ago and just now getting around to post. Your words serve to give me hope and encouragement. Best Regards, Theo
Theo, your poem puts a feeling of a spring in ones step while inhaling the heady aroma of beginnings blooming into true love nurtured by this season of growth. This floral garden has definitely produced some magic.