Loves Questions

Yesterday I was in love.
Today I question what being in love
really means. I see couples walking
hand-in-hand, smiling. They appear
to be happy, but are they really? Is
one of them thinking that the other is not
the person they want to spend their life with?
Are they feeling the need to pursue other
options, thinking there is more to life
than what they have now?
Is anyone really devoted to one person?
That one person they cannot live without.
Does anyone in a comitted relationship
every go to bed thanking the lord for
creating the person whom they feel
completes them?
Why do some people feel the need to hurt
each other? Acting as if love is a game
where rules don't apply.
Whoever comes out on top is the winner
and the one left all alone is the loser.
Those who are not considerate of other's
feelings, treating them like they are
elastic bands. Believing they will bend and pop
back into places quickly. Does happiness
follow love or is happiness a whole new game.
You tell me.

by Gero Lorna

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