Loves Shadows

Poem By Kailan Thomsen

He was by far too blind
He did not even recognize
He was far to busy to take the time
To see the sadness drowning in her eyes

His foolish eyes did not see
Her tears and cries for help
A blind eye, he had turned
To the cards that she had dealt

He walks the silent streets
Oblivious to her pain
She's losing her mind
While he stays sane

She thought he was different
Different from all the other guys
But he's the same as them all
A chauvinist, a pack of lies

Hidden behind locked doors
Her tears dampen her bed
Her eyes are sore and swollen
And her cheeks a rosy red

From her drowning eyes
The tears continue to pour
He gave her nothing
Yet love was all she longed for

He did not care for her beliefs
Still she forced herself to stay
Hoping he could change
Now praying her pain goes away

Convinced she can't go on
Without him by her side
He said that he loved her
Apparent to her, he lied

He has become the thing
She admired him for not being
The shadows have reared his ugly head
And that's all she had been seeing

How could he have been so blind?
Her mother knocks at the girl's door
To inform her of his arrival
To mend the hole he tore

The girl does not answer the irritant knocks,
Or her mothers impatient calls
He drives his shoulder through the door,
And to the ground he falls

There she lay so peaceful,
Now resting amongst the dead
Her bleeding heart has stopped beating
And tears she no longer sheds

Her soul no longer in torment
She has ended all her pain
Now it "him" who is alone
It's "him", who must stay sane

How could he have been so blind?
He just let her slip away
Loneliness intoxicating him now,
His life gets harder everyday

How could he have been so blind?
Now he's surrounded by sorrow
Wishing he could amend the past
Wishing there was no tomorrow!

Kailan Thomsen

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