Loves True Journey

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Now well into my twenties,
Love seems just alittle clearer to me.
Different from the days when chasing boys was your only journey.

As you get older many come and go.
But few stop to realize you must love and loose in order to make your journey go.....

Babies love in all the purest of ways.

Chidren love in there most trusting ways.

Adults test those waters of first loves and valentines.

Of broken hearts and yestersdays,
what could have beens and promises.

My First love was awsome.....
Butterflies everyday....
Couldn't wait till he came.
Feeling as though everything in the world was only me and him.

If your first love is your true love you are gifted more then most.

But for most your first love is your hardest love.
The test of survive and hope your heart will not die.

Then comes the in betweens,
The I think your its, and the maybes.

Then when your not looking you meet someone who totally does not fit the bill.
He promises laughter & life, but love does not fit his bill.

Yet little by litlle love takes his hand.
And before you know he is your plan.

Neither of you planned it,
Nor thought it would come to be.
Yet here it happened you are each other ment to bes.

Its almost as if he's part of you,
Weakness, strengths & all.
It's almost as if hes been there all along.

For most its all written out....
Love, marriage & Kids....
The ABC's & 123's of lifes happy endings.

Yet for me.....its the journey that has allowed me my lifes 123's....and it will be my future that gives me the ABC's.

He will help combined the two.....
And maybe one day we will have everything & more.

Just maybe in a different order.

Life is what we make it.....
The what ifs & maybes are always going to be there.

Its the here & now you might miss out on.

I have found my love and I have started my journey.
He will help me through what ever crosses our way.

He is my true love, my ever after & light.

Yet.....I still find that I love the ride.

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