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Loves Vision
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Loves Vision

Poem By Rachel Fogle

The palest of skies on a bright summer day,
Or the vision of love that we create in our own way.

I've De-guised my hurt to comfort his pain.
I've let him go for he said he didn't feel the same.
Why then does Loves Vision still linger in my heart?
Why does it still feel as though we past a very important part.

In this we walked a very steady road, letting Love create its vision.
And letting our hearts blend into our souls.

This is a hurt that I've never felt before,
Not because of him leaving, but because he lost the vision between the stars.

He held on till the top, then let go in the end.
Letting me stand alone and never finish what we began.

Did he love me, I'll never know?
Did Loves Vision have us and somehow let go?
Or did he loose faith and not believe in his heart,
I'll never know I only know what is in my heart.

That of all the things that are beautiful he was the one for me,
And I cannot hate him, for he was everything to me.

I can't put into words all the emotions he has made me feel,
Or even make him understand that he let go without even grabbing my hand.

I may never begin again, because he was so different.
Not because I can't love again, but because I have lost Love's Vision.

He has a very big piece of me that even he does not know,
Because even now I feel myself dyeing know I still have to let him go.

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