I wonder if all lovers would consider
to search their souls down to their greatest depth.
The tastes of sweet and sour, salty, bitter
are with us always, in our hearts they're kept.
The universal language of desire
can self-express and act to give us that
which doesn't smolder, no it burns a real fire.

There is a river, it is wide and very deep.
To cross it is no simple undertaking.
Yet, if the banks are high and slippery and steep,
one may not like the risk one would be taking.
But, unknown fields of promise and of love
unfold themselves on distant shores, so near.
So, ask yourselves and all the gods above:
What will it take to drive away your fear?

The answer seems to be embedded deep inside.
You cross a river - never mind conditions.
There are no rivers deep enough or wide
that could deter us if we only have the vision.
So, once your search has truly ascertained
that you're not fooled by image and convention
your loving powers happily become unchained
to build your love into a new dimension.

How many people go through life without
the happiness that bonding brings.
Poor devils who will never know about
just what it means when suddenly your heart sings.
Love is not possession of another,
love means crossing any river, any ocean.
Love is having feelings like a mother
for your sweet, the ultimate emotion.

Would I die for love, you ask with trepidation,
sacrifice yourself - pay with your life and limb?
Choose unconditionally your own disintegration
leave her behind. Does this sound sad or grim?
We must ask Shakespeare for clari-fi-cation
he was the expert and he knew the facts.
Described all kinds of love, all kinds of sweet
and stuffed it all inside his -so romantic- acts.

What true love means, so many have described,
I need not further clutter up the scene.
Suffice it now to say if you have bribed
the lovegood, he will suddenly turn mean.
For true love only is like fresh and driven snow
you recognise it when it is your guest.
Your heart will tell you, when it happens that it's
mine did, and I will cherish her and be my best.

To love and cherish with no compromise,
her mind and body and her precious soul
to find myself live in her loving eyes,
to last with her forever is my goal.

For: Left hemispherics

by Herbert Nehrlich

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This is extremeley well done. Gentle and lovong yet brimming with some life lessons that we all need reminding of sometimes.