Loveth Thy Rose Petal

The rose thorn pokes the finger drawing blood
To Show that even beauty must be handled with care
And upon this bloody finger, shall a kiss be placed
To Remind us of the tenderness of Subtlety
And when the wound is healed and the scar is gone
Who will remember the lesson; if not for the bleeder
For the rose is a symbol of love and the finger
a symbol of man, for that which we learn is also
that which we love, and that which we love
can also wound us, and that which is beautiful may also be Wicked
And then let the wicked speak as she smiles and says
'May your blood poureth to show the tenderness I
require and remembereth the moment when love
lies bleeding that I can be your savour as much
as your tormentor'
O who shall tame the rose and master her beauty
and leave the rose to bathe in a pool of blood
For love is in the heart and blood the liquid of love
May admonish the wicked and caress the beauty
Doth thy finger bleedeth willingly in thy shadow of love

by Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

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