Lovey Dovey

He met her through his cousin
And now the both of them are lovin’
He tells her he loves her
And there is no other

No mountain or ocean can keep then apart
For they both hold one another’s heart
The second their eyes meet, the world fades away
They sit and just stare at each other all of the day

They send little notes
And read what each has wrote
The notes are lovey dovey.
Saying things like

“Forever yours, to love to hold, forever ever more.”

Like they are gold
They will never set free of the love in which they hold
Never untying
Until they are dying

They talk and talk
And they walk and walk
And they’ll still go on even after this rhyme
Carrying on until till the end of their time

(Dedicated To My Boyfriend and I)

by BlackXWhiteFeathers Raven Mendez

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