Loving Dawn.

After the gloomy night
When dawn peeps through
My window with a new day,
My slumbered eyes unfolding
With your soft arms around me
With your breath on my neck;
With your touch going through
My every sleeping sense;
I feel, my heart starts beating
With you together vibrantly!
Your love for me is pure and
Limitless like the vast sky of
Just awakening dawn.
I thank my Lord for He created
You only to love me and
Never to depart from me.

by Sudipta Bhattacharyya

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When dawn peeps through slumbered eyes soft arms around me Your love for me is pure limitless like the sky Your love is pure. What a fine and pure poem on love. So many do not realise that a love that is pure lingers in the heart and it remains. Thank you dear professor. You should forward this poem to many young minds so that they may learn to love purely as you do. tony
A beautiful devotional love poem.
Good poem! Very romantic!
Wonderful pure love is well painted in this poem shared here. Very wise sharing really....10
Pure and limitless love is indeed like the vast sky at the dawn!
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