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Loving Devotion
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Loving Devotion

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Your thoughts go one way, mine do to that's what makes our love so special & true.

Your eyes reflect all the love I feel, in that I know my heart is real.

All the what ifs & maybe's are there.

Yet in it all......my soul is there.

Let it be what it is my love.....let it hold your hand. Let it fly above.....

I know you may think my love is silly and sweet,
Your to old to have those thoughts of ever after and meant to be's.

But, I've been down this road and back again, wanting to waver and give up in the end.

Yet as I stand there ready to say good-bye, I realize I would be leaving my very soul behind.

We are partners beyond words that could compare,
We are what every couple longs to share.
Finding the comfort we have taken and used.
To become that bond that can never be unfused.

We all have those times when love has past,
You think you have found that someone and you know it will last.
Then it happens it all falls apart. Makes you wonder how does love really start?

It starts with an act of love in the purest kind,
By bringing her a rose that shows love in its truest time.

Or those times when your in pain, and she can feel it even miles away.

The restless nites, the hardest days along beside you her heart lays.

Not from pity or selfless act. Its love & devotion that bring her back.

You are her heart in every way it can be.
You are the love that she craves.

Love & Devotion stand by themselves. Yet they rely on each other when the heartache swells.

Let love guide you, trust your heart know that in the end, you have her heart.

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