* Loving Embrace *

My sweetness, my darling love.
Can you remember our precious
first embrace. That starlit night
when I held in both my hands
your beautiful angelic face.
I kissed you with all the love my
heart contained, for the first
time in my life this soul of mine
was free of it restraints. I remember
the Sapphire nights breeze as we
both gazed and shared the moons
reflection over the tranquil sea.
You looked and me and smiled, as
I wrote I love you in the sand.
We walked along the shore, listening
to the waves briefly returning home.
I gazed in awe, as the stars sparkled
in your eyes, again linking fingers
our love for one another became entwined.
Feeling inside, that life seemed so caring
together we were shown what the heavens
were sharing, I smiled engulfed with a share
of gods love. Knowing inside, that you were
sent to me from the gardens above.
My flower, my precious scented petal
so full of loving colours. You were mine to
enjoy forever, each waking day filling my life
with the sweetness of the tender words
that you'd say. Do you remember it my love.

Because I do, every single moment of the day.

© Jon.London 2009

by London Love Poems

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This is soooooooo sweet. Writing I love you in the sand is so natural. You write this poem as if it happened to you seconds ago and the moment is still fresh inside of your mind. Beautiful. DC