Loving Eyes: What Lost In Distant Sea

Poem By Paramananda Mahanta

Loving eyes: whatlost inthe distant sea

She eloped me from the shore
To wade long through her fluid chest,
In heropenvast nakedness
Wonders my eyes to lock within its waves.

The length of love it expands to puzzle my heart
Unseen and unheard merger in such calmness,
She teases me with the smiling sun
Drifted me with drifted wind and flattened breast.

Allures me tomerge into her huge heart of acceptance
To swing by her side silencing moving eyes and ears,
In the dumb vastness where no cries to hear
She smiles for milesat me in her gleaming waves.

Ripples her cheeks with the invitation from molten lips
She is there to monkey my smiles mirrors each single blink,
I know she swallows me in her calm breast
As she is bigger than my dream.

I love to see her smiling face again and again
Even if something within me refrain
I know she is my new home
To swing and swim through the love unknown.

Paramananda Mahanta
All rights reserved

Comments about Loving Eyes: What Lost In Distant Sea

Absolutely divine. This how you descibe without saying so. Well done

5 out of 5
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