LH (18/01/1991 / Buckinghamshire)

Loving Her

He loves the way she always smell great,
Even if it’s just shampoo,
He loves the way he can stand up for her,
No matter where, or who.

He loves how she finds the right spot on his shoudler,
And how cute she is when she eats,
He loves the way he gets a kiss,
Just for saying “I love you”, when they meet.

He loves the ease in which she slides into his arms,
And stays there for a while,
And how he would do anything,
And he would walk for miles.

He loves the way her kiss makes everything perfect,
Makes everything right again,
He loves how she looks at,
But never compares him to other men.

He loves the way she spends hours choosing clothes,
But looks good in her sweats,
He loves how she wants to impress,
And how she longs for pets.

He loves it when her hand always finds his,
And always fits just right,
And when they go out together,
She never goes out of sight.

He loves the way she stares at him,
And he stares back too,
But most of all, he loves the way,
She always returns the “I love you.”

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