Loving Journey

it is known to be true
that love can be elusive too
As we seek
the ethereal with senses material
we are often fraught with doubt
with what may be loveless drought

But yet
in Eros we seek to believe
in love found against odds to achieve
and live with hope that grows
in spite of rising angst in worlds of woes

We live
the struggle with the emotional
centering calm of rising tide
born of the storms we ride
To live
a life of unwavering trust
with faith in thought of finding love
A love bold
born of Ares and Aphrodite
as ancient voices have told

But, once love has you found – beware
of losing the mystery
For such discovery may easily slip
into depths of misery
As doubts can creep into mind
from others who know not
love's bold choice from on high
Others who cast the blight
of their dark lonely night
like an evil veil
over your heart’s loving eye

by William E. Marks

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