(01-01-1946 / Srinagar (J & K) India)

Loving Memories

Roaming I am reminiscing memories
Song of love flash time and again
Spreading in the air, to inhale
Breathing so deep to recite again.

Looking at me with astonishing eyes
The blizzard gives news of my arrival
No wrong doer understands me
Relating withrelationship, not so trivial.

Comes ego in between us
Love is so profound and unreeling
Yet words always lack expression
Why has tongue no habit of speaking?

Why has tongue no habit of speaking?
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All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

by Tribhawan Kaul

Comments (2)

THE IMMORTAL couple of MUGHAL E AZAAM I KNOW A GUY who saw it 24 times i saw it twice also lovely picture all must see and you give life to it sir excellent to praise is a gift divine not many are like you and KM ji...Notes Be a poet an artist or just an ordinary human like Poet Me Roses have their own beauty till they smell fresh then in pages of Library books they rest till pass few ages Some one may come to open it Whose loved this last! what a beautiful ROSE 'TWAS
Fresh song of love is spreading fragrance of expression like a flower does at fresh morning. Love is so profound. It does not express words but this expresses many things. Beauty of feelings this love carries. This is an excellently penned poem shared here....10