Loving You

Loving you is amazing
It's like gettin everything i ever wanted
Your my super hero, my heart, the only person i need.
When im upset, i want you
When im happy, it's because of you
Holding your hand is like its just us in the world.
I could'nt be happier

When you smile i know its true,
you love me too
I look away. You can only imagine what im thinkin.
This is him, the one i want to be with forever.
Yes im 16, but i know what i want. You
The guy of my dreams,
here to sweep me off my feet.

Loving you is amazing
You have my heart, please dont break it.
I trust my heart, i know you'll be faithful
be my superman and i'll be your supergirl,
im here to save you.
Life is precious,
love me and i'll love you

I'll be true to you
'till i take my last breath.
You are my everything

Loving you is amazing♥

by Candace Meek

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