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Loving You Still

I still can’t digest the fact even after so long
That I’ve been agreed to give company
To a person who is worldly so strong
Whose just presence I know had kept others happy

let god punish me for losing temper
And hurting my wonderful girl
But how calmly she had suffered
Made me regret my err

But the lovely thoughts you paint in my mind
Give place to afeeling that take over my body
I had never been more happy, I find
With tingling sensations that don’t hurt abybody

I tried so hard to express how you made me feel
No flower, no song I wrote can ever show you
How you made the world to appear so unreal
All I can think of saying is ‘I love you’!

I love you babe and I always will
Don’t ever change
Even if you do, I will love you still!

by Praneet Bhavan

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This would make a kewl song.. Sup?