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Loving You Was Worth It
EG (11/01/84 / Florida)

Loving You Was Worth It

Poem By Erica Gipson

How does true love crumble
Right before your eyes?
How do loving gazes
Turn into glances of despise?

'I love you's and smiles
Seemed to have faded away.
Anger, tears and resentment
Are all thats around today.

Happy loving moments
Together we once had.
Turned into hateful arguments
Leaving words that make us sad.

That loving touch I longed for
Every night and day.
Has now become the same touch
That I always turn away.

We lied when we said eternity.
I guess nothing lasts forever.
Forget that plan to go through life
Hand in hand together.

Loving you was worth it
That much I'll confess.
If I had the chance to do it again
I would, without a second guess.

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