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A Virtual Carnival
NAB (New Years of 1983 / North Carolina)

A Virtual Carnival

The track seems to stretch the limits of sky;
The well-timed cacophony's treble shrieks,
The calliope's elusive energy releasing
Arcing over wooden planks, invisibly.

Touching locking bars, ancient charm for safety,
Gaining speed, rising, weaving through rails-
Strong down forces, flashing strobes, distant sails-
And high above, sun gashed in wavy chain-mail.

One last lifting chug- Up! near to the highways,
Cars filling exits, shiny metal, flowing crowds.
Heat swells the road, with ghastly fumes prevailing;
The outer world fun-house, for the less-enthralled.

Now back on earth; ticket's thrown, soles to concrete,
Mixed odors, food and garbage, then finding more thrills.
On long summer days, camera bulbs to remind us
The ephemeral nature, of what we would feel.

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