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Five bodies connected
By one’s lust of vital redemption.
A simple Saturday night thrust into a struggling Sunday nightmare.
Shivering and shaking, in fear I cry.
Open your eyes wont you please.
The alcohol danced down your throat,
As the smoke consumed their lungs.
I ignored the clear-cut signs,
I just went with the fun.
I thought you knew better.
The machines hooked to your body proved me wrong.
That 15-minute drive seemed life long with you by my side,
Unawake and drowning inside.
The bottle emptied by your fears, your tears, and desires,
Lay helplessly on the bedroom floor.
My eyes wont close, they won’t erase that idiotic phase.
Advil won’t solve this headache, the heartache they all faced.
Five bodies were connected that wretched weekend,
A weekend straight from hell,
A weekend Satan couldn’t have planned better.
Five bodies were connected
By one’s lust of vital redemption.
Five bodies survived,
Five minds branded with haunting images.
Five bodies were connected,
Five bodies survived,
Five bodies were affected
By one’s lust of vital redemption.

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amazing poem, I love what you did here This poem really made me think it's very deep, and i'd like to say good luck