I don't know if you've
noticed, but I'm confused
by almost everything you do.
I thought all was great, but
I'm lost in thoughts; I don't
know what to do about this crush
I've wrought.

You have me feeling low, confused,
and stressed out. I don't really know
if truth is coming out of your mouth.
This is the worst I've felt in
awhile, my mind's all mixed up, and
my heart's more confused. I know
how I feel for you, but are your
feelings true?

We may have started out great, but
I don't know if we've ended. This
low feeling I have can't go on
forever; I won't let it. If only I
understood what's in your heart
and head. If only this could
be figured out, and I wouldn't
be so mixed up.

We may not quite understand each other,
but things don't have to be so hard.
Too bad this feeling isn't gone;
shaken from my mind, maybe then
I could tell apart truths and lies.
I may not be what you want, need, or
who you even could ever care for like
I do you. Please stop making
me feel this low and breaking my
already frail heart two.

by Tessa Eichhorst

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lovely poem, this haiku inspired by your work: old love meeting her today with an old smile