SH (March 17,1971 / Edmonds, Washington)


So what do I know?
I know that I'm down
I'm down on the floor
And can't figure out
Where everyone goes
They don't stick around
I don't see them go - away
They leave me to drown.....
In the oceans I've made
I've made of my life
Too deep to be safe
Too shallow to write
Or painting a picture of me that'd
Be harder to leave.... behind....
It's tough to describe....
It's tough to describe......

So what do I know?
I know it's a shame
A shame that it's gone
They took everything
And I have no control
No control over change
Changes always occur
But I still feel the same
And it eats at my mind
And it troubles my sleep
Try to keep it inside
Hide it all underneath
And pretend that I'm doing allright even
Though they all know - it's a lie......
Take a look in my eyes.....
Take a look in my eyes.....

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