Low And Deep.

In the silence of the night when all should be still,
I hear the loud roar of traffic going over the hill.
In the far distance I hear the sounds of a train,
All slowly builds up into a noisy loud refrain.
Here and there the cry of a hunting bird of prey,
A storm, thunder and lightning flash making night into day.
The long distance aeroplane from a far away land,
All make up this cacophony of a very loud band.
This I must endure night after sleepless night,
Is there no one to take pity on my desperate plight?
Sleeping tablets is the answer you might say,
Or use earplugs they are popular in this day.
But you know when I close my weary eyes,
All of the noises of the night are no surprise.
So I lay awake miserable and in despair,
No one it seems has a real reason to care.
Then suddenly I fall into a troubled sleep,
To wake in the morning, my spirits low and deep.

by Bernard Shaw

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