Low-Budget Wrestlemania

You know how there’s a little angel on one of
your shoulders and a little devil on the other one?

And how even if you run really fast or twist
around they’re still floating there? And you know

how you’re kind of like a wrestling referee
standing in the middle deciding who is right and

wrong? Well, I was thinking that maybe we
should have a real wrestling match. Like we could

have some guys dress up in angel and devil suits
and they could wrestle each other. I think the

angel guy should not wear any wings though,
wouldn’t you agree? Wings would just get in the

way. And the devil should not be allowed to bring
his pitchfork. Anyway, this could be a public

event – sort of a low-budget Wrestlemania kind of
deal – and we could serve drinks and sandwiches

and maybe some nachos. You could head up
the refreshment committee (No alcohol, you

sneak!) . I think the angel wrestler should shout
out lines of scripture while he’s trying to pin the

devil, who would just holler obscenities, I guess.
He’ll probably try to bribe the referee too.

by Professor Poetry Hound

Comments (4)

Next time it could be royal rumble, all the saints against the Devil and his minions. The winner takes the losers shoes!
Dear PPH, I'm afraid it may have already happened, but don't know cause I don't watch this stuff. If not, the whole federation is missing out on a great opportunity. 'Get thee behind me, Satan.' followed by, 'I'm gonna tear out your heart and piss into your lungs, mo-fo.' but its all just show, nobody dies, or gets too badly hurt-all walk away with a hefty paycheck, and God just laughs, a hoot and a holler, waiting for the next show. Thanks for another good laugh, Phillip
i would love to see that Angel get whacked on the skull with a folding chair! Jake
A comical and creative piece regarding a simple battle between good and evil - nice ending, made me chuckle. - K.