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Low-Down Dirty Dogs
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Low-Down Dirty Dogs

Poem By alicia mullins

why are girls so vulnerable
we fall for guys cause they are so sweet and adorable
at least thats what we think when we enter the game
but then the relationship goes further and we know they'r all the same
they dont care about how girls feel... they only think of themselfs
so when your gettin in a relationship kno they care bout two things, nothing else
most want sex and think you'll give it to them because to them your a whore
but others want you because of that and much more
some guys want you because other guys do and they think if yall go out then that'll make them cool
why cant a girl ever find a guy who wants her for her
its like girls want something serious but the guys are unsure
but at the same time its also the girls fault case we cant keep our legs closed
girls need to start respecting themselves and learn how to say no
yeah some guys wont want you because you wont lettem hit
but those are the ones who arent gonna be there in the end
so ladies respect yourselfs and you'll usually get respect back
and for you low down dirty dogs, learn how to act!

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