Low Light

A low light and some midnight wonders
brought peace and grace into my mind.
lying on my bed i drove trought nights quiet, soft side,
but then some incense flavours brought me memories of yesterdays.
Back then there were no bounds,
life was nothing but a wild celebration of ecstasy and criativity.
We were bold and made heroes out of ourselves,
life was nothing but a canvas filled with dreams and passion,
days felt like seconds and nights felt like a blanket of stars.
We had all the energy of a thunder
and were screaming from the top of a mountain.
Low light bring me some more images of glory and youthness,
give me some more memories and ill heal the world.

by André Lopes

Comments (1)

Low Light is such a melodic poem - it reads almost like the lyrics of a song. You have used some beautiful and arresting images and the reader is left with a feeling of headiness and nostalgia about once upon a time. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥