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Low Lp
(14/1/1989 / Solihull, Birmingham)

Low Lp

Poem By Charlie F. Kane

I had to buy it,
I felt compelled to buy something
While I was there.
It was one of the first I came across-
It’s 30 years old this year,
It would have been 12 when I was born.

I picked it up and brought it,
To carry it home, home again.
I thought how I must be
The only student to spend their loan
On vinyl.

I take my earphones of my mp3 out
And try to pretend that it’s 1977,
And I, a loyal Bowie fan,
Have just purchased his most recent LP.

But it doesn’t last long.
I want to listen to my music now,
So I stick the mp3 back on.
I couldn’t quite cut it.
I was 30 years too late, again.

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