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Lower, Even Lower (Poem By Jiang Yilang, Translated By Henrry Zhou)

Lower, even lower (Poem by Jiang yilang, translated by Henrry)

Lower, even lower
I can see the grass there.
Shinning in the sun, or hide in the shadows,
So humble as they are, while
keep their Green so silently.

Lower, even lower
I can see the Mud there,
So ugly, and cold
Be hit in the foot or hit forever, even worse
Buried in the garbage

Lower, even lower
I can see the Ants there,
Who cares an ant in this world?
So week, so modest,
Deep into the land, alive and ignored,
Died, who will sing a Mass?

Lower, even lower,
So many common things have I seen,
Been seen by us, be forgotten by us,
At the corner of life, as it is always.

(Pls note: this poem is written by Jiang yilang, one poet of China, translated by Henrry Zhou. It shows the great mercy and feelings to the common things or people, while been forgotten by us)

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