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Lower Forms Of Criminal Coward
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

Lower Forms Of Criminal Coward

Their religious beliefs they take beyond too far
For to kill defenseless people carry bombs in a car
Or to commit mass murder take their own lives in suicide
So many because of them have been maimed for life or died

Of their disregard of human life one can only feel shocked and surprised
Of terrorists we are told they have been radicalized
By their horrible and soulless mentors who see human life as cheap
But the Karma they sow they too will have to reap

In Brussels in Belgium they have struck again
Inflicting on innocent civilians death, suffering and pain
They have become a threat to the lives of civilians Worldwide
The life dreams of so many by them have been destroyed

On their religion and culture they do only bring shame
Lower forms of criminal cowards for them seems an apt name
They are quite bad people and soulless indeed
The Human World of their sort most definitely is not in need

These radicalized terrorists are likely for to strike anywhere
Far too many of their sort in the big World out there
Since all they have to offer is suffering and death
To the lives of civilians Worldwide they have become a threat.

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