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Lowitga For Head Of State

I do respect Elizabeth Australia's absent Queen
Though in the sunny Southern Land she is not often seen
She lives in her huge palace in London far away
But she will remain Australia's Queen as long as the likes of John Howard have their say.

A few years back the Aussie voters her as their head of State did retain
And as Queen of Britain and Australia she is destined to remain
Until her son Charles will take over whenever that will be
But to have a foreign head of State seems very strange to me

Had she been Queen of all of Ireland I would even understand
But Australia from the British Isles is such a distant Land
But most Aussie white voters found ties with their Mother Land far too hard for them to break
And for to become a Republic much too big a step for them to take.

I feel that an Australian Indigenous person should be Australia's head of State
And I know of one who fits the bill she is an Aussie great
Her name is Lowitga O Donoghue and she is one of the honourable few
And to see her as the head of State would be a dream come true.

With no disrespect to Elizabeth her loyalties are elsewhere
She always will put Britain first for she lives over there
And for all Australian Republicans who of a Republic dream
For to have an Aussie head of State their wait will be long 'twould seem.

Lowitga for Australia's head of State I hope to see that day
When Australia a Nation will become and Aussies can proudly say
We now have a new head of State and she is one of our own
One of Australasia's oldest race at least the oldest known.

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