(Dec 29 / Toronto)



Three men
-light-weight now after months in dungeons
-saw the light after long with hands tied
-dragged were, now faced down
-forcefully ate the dust.

Stood men in circle
-all Pashto; but few!

Elephant out of room
-under sun of the day
-in its midst; horizon.

Vast, endless the sky
-in the shades of blue
-colorless around sun.

Wheat golden and farms rich
-long-long hair of nature floating
-in breeze straws keep dancing
-wild, free, playing.

Everyone in, near
-the ancient Kandahar
-was aware
-open was the secret
-of what boiled in kitchen.

-fuzzy and bearded the nomads; devoted
-in serving Ahmad Shah Dorrani.
-He, himself, used to serve Nader Shah
- (when too young, to death of his master.)
-Was in charge of Royal-Treasures.

No one knows who and why killed Nader
-Possibly key-holder… (now, a king and leader)
-In command, Ahmad Sha called man of elephant:
- "Have the beast step on victims' heads."

In this always act dictators…
-from deep in the time to "Today's-Taliban"

by Nassy Fesharaki

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