SM (feb 17th 93 / in a hospital in columbus)


Loyalty is when he betrays you many times, but you stay with him.
Its when you would bleed for him just to show him your worthy of his trust
It's when thigns are all wrong for him but you stay and show him it'll be ok.

Loyalty is when you love someone so much that you cant stay mad at him because your transfixed in his eyes.
It's when the only thing that stands infront of you and him is his mistrust.
It's when you would walk across the world just to show him theres not one person who could love him better than you could.

But most of all it's when you shed a tear knwoing that hes gone but you wouldnt dare love another man because your one and only has walked out of your life.

Loyalty is rarely truely found in man, most of which have no right to be called dogs. Dogs are loyal and a womens best friend. A dog is never disloyal toward its owner, men on the other hand are always disloyal

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MEN....... You can't replace a hug or a kiss a 'perfect' man for that you wish men you can't trust, they're useless and dumb goes with the genes they`ve got in their bum Men are here to make you cry miss your birthday and on you spy men have got a one track mind different men, same old grind ............Robert.............